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Acoustic Wall Systems

Our Acoustic Wall Treatments take care of both reverberation & sound control.

As well as fitting out New Cinemas, we have also upgraded old cinemas to be surround sound compatible.

The sound absorbing panels cover over cables and wires so there’s no need for electricians or plasterers. They also give a fresh new look to dated auditoriums and reduce the need for insulation.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Our decorative sound absorbing panels are used by a wide variety of clients to control sound in many different environments from multiplex cinemas to professional theatres.

They can be used wherever it is necessary to control sound or improve audio quality.


Pleating is used for cosmetic purposes in a variety of venues including night clubs and casinos. It can also be used to hide cracks and imperfections in walls in older buildings. In Theatres, Bingo Halls and Cinemas pleating is used to improve the acoustics.

The pleating is done insitu and the acoustic materials are placed behind. The material used is either acoustic foam or an acoustic slab know as Lamaphon.


We can supply, install and advise on all types of quality and design of floor coverings. We also offer everything from bespoke manufacture to an off-the-shelf supply and install service.

With the Bespoke service, design quality and install can be carefully selected and chosen. Hand-trails and samples will be supplied to your designer's requirements. Off-the-shelf floorings are supplied only through the world's best manufacturers.

We look forward to working with you in the future.